Introducing The Kiosk System For Restaurants

Kiosks are the future of restaurant ordering for in-house, pickup and table service

Benefits to the customer for using a Kiosk

  • Kiosks put the customer in control of the order
  • Speed the time to place the order and get served
  • Regulars see past orders and favorites
  • Points and coupons available from all orders, kiosk, mobile, & desktop browser
  • Special discount for using kiosk ordering
  • Payment options: all, split evenly, split by item

Benefits to the restaurant for using a Kiosk system

  • Save up to $25,000 per year in labor costs
  • Save on administering staff, scheduling, managing, training, etc.
  • More accurate orders since they are input by the customer
  • Upselling generates a 15% to 25% higher check average
  • One system controls Kiosks, Mobile and Browser ordering for ease of management
  • Control expenses with fixed costs for Kiosk

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