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“Ever since I can remember I have been a great foodie. Coming from a humble orphanage, food was the only escape in life that made me happy. At 6 when I moved to America, I knew that when I made something of myself, I would help make people happy. Like so many small business owners did for me at such a young age, I wanted to help people and empower them through food. As a Tech Entrepreneur, every day talking to and rubbing elbows with business owners and communicating with them, I realized that it’s the small business owners that get handicapped in today’s economy and they’re not on a level playing field. Small businesses usually don’t have access to the technologies of today and usually, if they do have access, in most cases they can’t afford it. That to me just didn’t sit right, that’s one of the primary reasons I started QWeats, for the small business owner! QWeats software solutions offer the same technology but we keep it affordable for the small business owner. QWeats makes the latest technology efficiently accessible, fun to use and overall have a positive impact on any business it comes in contact with. We are able to offer the same technology as the big chains, to run the day to day operations by leveraging our innovative technologies.  Empowering local businesses is my mission and I thank you for being on this journey with me!”

QWeats fights against hunger

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re a pretty fun group here at QWeats. But one thing we do take seriously is helping feed those in need. That’s why QWeats donates 1% of our sales to the organizations below to help in the fight to end hunger.

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