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Efficiency is the name of the game; Now everyone can play!

The age of convenience is upon us. Everyone wants everything, newer, easier and faster. Even a second’s delay is unacceptable. These rules apply to virtually every aspect of human life you can think of. Based on this, businesses have also grown more tech savvy and have been trying new and innovative methods to make the lives of their consumers easier. Everyone seems to be evolving towards a future where technology would practically eliminate the possibility of human error thus increasing the overall satisfaction of the consumer. The most hesitant industry, not by any fault of its own, to embrace this technological future, seems to be the quick serve/food delivery industry. In doing research for this post I found out that most of the time, it’s the small mom and pops that can’t transition to a better system. Then naturally the next question was, “Why Not?! What’s stopping them from making food ordering and delivery a more convenient system for everyone?” The answer is simple, before today the little mom and pops never had access to the technology that is readily available to the big chains. Even if they get access to this technology, they simply lack the initial capital investment to implement it and then most of them don’t have enough cash flow to sustain the upkeep and the constant updating of the systems that are going to drive their business into the future. Most little mom and pop shop restaurants don’t really have a dedicated I.T department that would take care of updating the online portal or the self-ordering kiosks. One of the main selling points of the self-serve kiosks is that they can be customized however the owner wants and upsell what needs to be sold. Most owners don’t have the technical know-how to do this inhouse, hence the dedicated I.T department that they can almost never afford. Fortunately, for every person involved in the whole food ordering process companies like Brimsley Tapp are now emerging as a solution to this specific problem. They haven’t necessarily reinvented the wheel but more like evened out the playing field and made the wheel more affordable to everybody. With low startup costs and an overall ease of access, more and more small restaurants are migrating towards a third-party online ordering or self-serve solution. The benefits of either of those modes to order food is evident to anyone who’s been paying attention.  They virtually eliminate any, if not all, human errors on the business side. It also gives the restaurant ample time to get the order right, since the order delivery or pickup time is computer generated. The newer generation of consumers that are coming of age also expect their service to be completely handled by just a few clicks on their smartphone. The newer generation in my opinion are more efficient and they expect that efficiency from everyone. For example, they want to have their order ready by the time they get to the restaurant and not having to wait in line. In conclusion efficiency is the name of the game and companies like Brimsley Tapp have made sure everyone can play, regardless of the initial liquid capital you have. In the next few years I wouldn’t be surprised if restaurants cut down their labor costs by just implementing self-serve kiosks everywhere they can.  

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