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Convenience, Now at a Reasonable Price!

While the recent quarterly reports for most major pizza corporations have shown another boost in domestic sales from online ordering, many independent pizzerias experience further financial trouble by staying offline. Singular shops, who do not have the financial luxury of corporate backing, either believe that they cannot afford full-scale internet branding or do not have the knowledge to create their own. As a result, many successful businesses are losing previously loyal customers to their online counterparts.

Online ordering has become the norm for many corporations. Recently, Domino’s commercials have begun to encourage the use of their website by focusing on the faults of ordering over the phone. The shift in preferred method is due to the fact that online ordering attracts more customers and brings in higher ticket orders. It is estimated that a menu posted online has a reach of 20% more customers, with many refusing to search for delivery or takeout options offline. In addition to that, the average ticket order received from an online purchase is an estimated 12-17% higher as a result of the food imagery that accompanies online menus and the upsell of additional items when prompted. When ordering from an interactive online menu, customers feel less rushed to make a quick decision and are more likely to add items that would otherwise be overlooked.

However, some restaurants are learning that a website, alone, is not enough to distinguish themselves from their corporate competition or to generate sales. Those who are finally venturing online for the first time may not immediately see the expected spike in sales. As technology constantly changes, so do the demands of customers who purchase food online. It is not nearly enough to play catch-up by building a website or online menu while brands, who have already established themselves online, explore other opportunities the Internet has to offer.

Companies like BRIMSLEY TAPP are now providing options for restaurants that are looking to tap into the growing profits of online ordering. Instead of positioning itself as another point of sale and merchant processing company, Brimsley Tapp strives to understand specific needs, highlighting where technology can streamline processes and improve guest experiences and make the lives of restaurant operators easier, creating efficiencies through technology that saves time, money, and labor. 


 “We’ve seen a substantial increase in consumer demand for online food content,” says Paul Arndt, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Brimsley Tapp. “The clients we’ve helped make that shift have seen steady increases in month over month in sales revenue. And the flexibility that we have with online content, promotions, and customer interactions allows us to help our smaller clients compete against the big boys.”

Unlike firms who only go after the enterprise accounts, Brimsley Tapp works with restaurants of all sizes to meet budgetary needs. Anyone from the owner of a Mom-and-Pop operation to a franchise can get set up with an elite branded website featuring an online ordering platform. Minimal start-up fees make it possible for online menus to launch quickly, avoiding further profit loss for the restaurant. Plus, the cloud access allows restaurant owners to be able to update their menu at anytime!

With companies like Brimsley Tapp, helping restaurants get a competitive edge in online ordering, there’s no reason for pizza businesses to stay offline any longer.

They offer services in restaurant technology solutions, restaurant consulting, Merchant Processing, and Digital Marketing, providing restaurants with options to improve their operations. For additional information, visit brimtapp.com.

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