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Online Ordering: Changing the food industry one order at a time!

In today’s fast paced world, the newer generation namely Millennials and Gen Z, want stuff in the blink of an eye. Any delay is unacceptable, and the less human contact the better. Not talking to people and taking care of the whole process in just a couple of clicks is the way to go. It eliminates any possibility of miscommunication and the actual order taking part of the order is almost completely error free. Not only is the process more convenient but it helps everyone involved in the transaction. The customers get the right order all the time and the business benefits as online ordering and mobile apps drive more sales and on a higher frequency than phone orders. Usually when you place an order online or on a phone app, you have to put in your email or phone number to even begin the whole process which allows the business to send out promotional emails and offers which in turn increases user engagement and drives more customers in the door, figuratively. Online and app ordering also allows for the user to customize their order to any extent they like and have it exactly to their hearts desire. What I’ve realized is that people will pay a little extra for convenience. What I mean by that is that people will pay a delivery fee and higher prices just for the convenience of not leaving the house. This is directly evident with the rise of third-party food ordering and delivery apps. Another alternative to the online or mobile app ordering system is the self-ordering kiosks. For the people who don’t want to interact with other people and want to have a precise but complicated order, self-ordering kiosks are the way to go. As long as you have a ready mode of transportation available, self-ordering kiosks provide all the benefits of app or online ordering without having to pay the extra convenience fee. As the convenience to order food increases, food orders themselves increase in quantity. When you don’t feel guilty ordering food and customizing each and every aspect of each and every item on your order, you generally tend to order more. On the other hand of the spectrum online, mobile app or self-ordering kiosks makes it easier for the associates working at the restaurants. They get a short concise list of the orders and know which order to make, when and how exactly. It avoids the whole customer-representative confusion that often happens over the phone or in the faced paced environment of a restaurant. It is beneficial to every aspect of food delivery including the actual delivery part. Customers can track every part of the order as well as the delivery. Delivery drivers on the other hand have the address and the directions ready to go before the order even leaves the kitchen. Online, mobile or kiosk ordering also eliminates the tiny fraction of payment errors that often happen while giving the payment information over the phone. Another one of the advantages of online, mobile or kiosk ordering is that people get to save their frequent orders and order them with even more ease. Online ordering also lets a user save their cart or place an order to be delivered for a future time. At the end of the day, online, mobile or self-ordering kiosks are here to stay and they have made life easier for everyone who comes in contact with them. 

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