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Which Pizza Place was the First to Offer Online Ordering?

Pizza is the ultimate love for everyone, the majority of people loves to fill their belly with a fresh and delicious slice of pizza. It’s like a slice of heaven for them. The delicious veggies and sauces with the touch of cheese on top, brings pleasure in your life. Nobody denies that the pizza is a source of happiness for pizza lovers. Its refreshing smell, instantly changes the mood, even the thought of it brings up a smile on the face. It’s so clear that there is no need of any debate on how people feel about pizza and the happiness multiplies, when you will get your pizza in just few minutes. Well, this is becoming possible because of technology. Thankfully, we all are familiar with the term internet.

Pizza hut is the one who initiates online pizza ordering in 1994.Around 1994-1997, we have an outstanding service named Pizza Net, which offers online ordering service for pizza. Anyone could visit the site and order their desired pizza online. Initially, it is assumed by people that the online pizza service is a prank, the people were not ready to believe that they can actually order a pizza through internet. The idea that you can log in to a site, then customize your order according to desire, then wait at home until the delivery boy knocked your door, seems impossible to many people. It sounds ridiculous at first, but now, after the years, no one can imagine a world without online food ordering.

The Era of Online Food Ordering System

The online food ordering system is defined as a very convenient and error free way for consumers, purchasing food online through a website or app without visiting any restaurant. From anywhere in the world, they can easily get the desired food without any trouble. Initially people taken the time to understand the benefits of online ordering system, then gradually it is commonly used by them.

The culture of online food ordering, skips the long queue waiting or wait to hold on a phone, it gives more control to the consumers. Restaurant owners design the software with multiple options, which makes ordering placement easier for customers, they are able to double check their order on screen which eliminates the error aspect. Although it is the basic requirement of any restaurant to build their online ordering system efficiently, smoothly, customer friendly which attracts more customers. Quickly accepted online order is also an important factor.

The role of technology in daily activities grows continuously and consumers are embracing this new tech trends with open arms. The online ordering system is ideal for restaurant owners, especially for those who offers pizza because it has so much customize options, so it’s easy for the customer to select their flavors more conveniently through online, using the website or restaurants point of sale systems. It actually lessens the time duration from order placement to delivery.

As the online ordering trend increases with the modification everyday, maybe there is a time in future when we just thought about to have some doughnuts or burger or cheese and eventually the restaurant delivers it on our doorstep. Imagine how innovative that is..!!

Well the innovation in pizza delivery continuously impresses everyone, like in 2016 some pizza chains initiate the idea of delivering pizza through drone, the execution made everyone surprised, primarily the idea is that, an automated drone will deliver the pizza directly on your doorstep. Same like, there are also discussion about to delivering pizza through a driver-less car, while this is still in testing process may be it will become reality in some years. We can imagine that in future we will surely get some great and unique methods in pizza delivery system.

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